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Time Manager 

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Client: Time Manager

Case: A focus on the redesign of visual and branding identity.

Category: Consumer Product

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Time Manager is a Danish company with a mission to create more free time in people's lives by providing them with superior organizational products. Time Manager has a vision to deliver products that are a staple in the lives of successful businessmen and women.  Eye-D was consulted to develop a successful design strategy that would implement this vision through graphics and visual identity.


  • Usability

  • Typography

  • Plastic Design

  • Product Development

Our Involvement

  • Visual identity

  • Product development



Eye-D began by reflecting and evaluating the existing design strategy and visuals. Through some user focused testing and feedback, Eye-D was able to develop a new set of visuals that were simplified and yet conveyed the same message.



The aim was to redesign the branding manual by incorporating the concept of pinstripes from business mens’ suit into the overall design and used to develop pictograms that would be inserted into the products themselves. The reasoning behind the pinstripes was to create the feeling of exclusivity and a symbol of status.



The pictograms made it possible to cut costs substantially, saving millions of dollars for Time Manager, as 50 forms in more than 20 different languages were reduced to only 50 forms with pictograms marketable internationally without any language barriers. Time Manager doubled its turnover year by year after the introduction of the new design.

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