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People are Key

Group photo of the Eye-D team

Will to Win

The Eye-D Team is a group of dedicated people with a ‘Will to Win’ attitude, extraordinary passion, fighting spirit, unlimited creativity, and a great overview to develop exceptional solutions that creates better lives for the users of our products.


    Fighting Spirit

    Unlimited Creativity

    Great Overview

Fighting spirit
Unlimited Creativity
Great Overview

Super Performers

Eye-D is constantly in search of talented young people with a technical mindset and a designer’s creativity that can be developed to contribute to our client’s businesses with extraordinary performance.

Our Mission

Better Lives

Green Eye-D's

With a focus on sustainability and the environment we strive to make environmentally friendly solutions that contribute to a better world and better lives for the users.

Improve Lives

At Eye-D we put people before technology, guaranteeing a useful design direction based on real life user insights and in-depth knowledge.

Invent a Better World

We are always open to involve ourselves in visionary solutions to global challenges, similar to our partnering with Engineers Without Borders e.g. around the growing problem of plastic waste in third world countries.

Performance Scale

Performance Scale

Super performing teams

The Eye-D Team

Statistics show that not all employees perform the same. At Eye-D we focus on super performing teams that challenge the status quo and envision the inconceivable.

Our Team

Our Team

Claude Teisen-Simony

CEO & Ass. Professor DTU

Bozhidar Kozuharov

Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Marianne J. Afriyie

Communication Coordinator

Akhilesh B. Nair

Chemical Engineer

Elena Stefanac

Industrial Designer

Jr. Chemical Engineer

Nanna B. Ahnstrøm

Esben Vial

IT Manager & Software Developer

Chinmayi Bhatt

Jr. Chemical Engineer

Wania Saif

Jr. Chemical Engineer