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Oticon - Hearing Aid Packaging

Oticon packaging w logo 310x309.jpg

Client: Oticon

Case: A two piece packaging system that protects the hearing aid for storage and transportation.

"The cost reduction means that Oticon will save millions during the product ́s lifetime. With a result like that, I can only recommend Eye-D."

Jan Stoltz-Andersen

Marketing Manager Oticon A/S



Hearing aids are extremely sensitive to external physical forces. For example, when being shipped via plane the turbulence in the plane would impact the hearing aids and cause them to malfunction. Oticon approached Eye-D to create a robust packaging that would ensure the delivery of the product. The existing packaging they were using was a metallic casing that was extremely expensive to produce and heavy


  • Robust design

  • Plastic injection molding

  • Vacuum forming/thermoforming

  • Usability and user research

Our Involvement

  • Complete product development

  • Product design

  • Production collaboration



The aim was to optimize the overall design by reducing the cost of manufacturing and inserting a timeless aesthetic in order to further drive the price.



The concept consists of a transport casing and a storage casing. The transport casing is vacuum formed and welded with a flexible elastic foil to create optimal protection for the hearing aid by yielding to shocks. Both pieces are designed to optimize the protection of the hearing aids and extending their lifetime whether by ensuring safe delivery or nightly storage.



Eye-D helped Oticon turbocharge their earnings through packaging alone which resulted in an increase of 10 mil. euros through a reduction in cost price of EUR 1.50.

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