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Medtronic - Infusion QuickSet

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Client: Medtronic

Case: A user-friendly disposable insulin infusion set that provides a virtually painless insertion.

"During our one week stay in Copenhagen, we were able to collaborate and complete the development and design of our successful QuickSet. Impressive!"

Jason Safabash

Project Manager for Medtronic



Medtronic, established in 1949, is currently a global leader in medical technology, services, and solutions. Their mission is to deliver high quality engineered products to over 140 countries worldwide. With quality engineering as Eye-D’s speciality, it was only natural that Medtronic approached us to redesign a product that would later prove to increase their turnover rate in the US market.


  • Redesign of mechanical functionality

  • Close collaboration with client engineers

  • Usability

  • Mechanical ideation drawings

Our Involvement

  • Product Design

  • Conceptualization

  • User studies

  • Patents



Eye-D approached this challenge first by analyzing the needs of existing insulin infusion set users in order to deliver a product that would easily integrate into every lifestyle. Next, to ensure seamless integration into the market, Eye-D developed a new marketing strategy in order to meet the needs and high standards of Medtronic’s products.



The Infusion QuickSet is designed to be simple to use and disposable. The simplicity is in the innovation found in the disconnection system and the needle itself. It features a vertical soft cannula, that is responsible for ensuring a virtually painless insertion. The needle not only makes the insertion comfortable for the user, but it also controls the depth every time for optimal insulin absorption.



An innovative insulin infusion set that is painless, adaptable to all lifestyles, and disposable. It is also Medtronic’s most popular infusion set on the market today. Eye-D’s design helped create a turnover of more than €200 million annually.

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