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ConvaTec - Comfort Infusion Set

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Client: ConvaTec

Case:  A user-friendly disposable insulin infusion set that was introduced in 1994 as the first infusion set in the world with a soft cannula and an on-site disconnection.

“As a result of the proven user acceptance the product has become a commercial success and has strengthened our market position"



Lars Friis, Convatec



ConvaTec partnered up with Eye-D to break into a new market of insulin infusion sets. At the time, there were very limited infusion set options for diabetics all of which were fitted with a steel cannula. This proved to be very uncomfortable for most users. Eye-D was right for the job with the portfolio of previous experience it had in engineering medical devices through innovation.


  • Usability Innovation

  • User studies

  • Capabilities research and analysis

  • Packaging, advertisements

  • Graphics and infographics

  • Hardware design, plastic moulding

  • DFM

  • Automation of manufacturing

Our Involvement

  • Complete product development

  • Patents

  • Branding and visual identity



Eye-D started by analyzing all diabetic people that were using pump treatment across Denmark. We stayed in close contact with the end users to gain first hand knowledge was vital. Our focus was strongly placed on the testing and usability of the products throughout the entire development.



The idea was to break the industry in a disruptive way and offer what had not been offered before. The aim of Comfort was to introduce a completely new line of infusion sets that the diabetes market had not seen before.



The ConvaTec Comfort Infusion Set was a revolutionary development not just for ConvaTec but also for diabetics worldwide. It quickly became an innovative game changing product as it was the first infusion set in the world with a soft cannula insertion and on-site disconnection.

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