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Brix Design - Kitchen Support Tools

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Client: Brix Design

Case: A range of kitchen utensils such as food and beverage container openers specifically  designed for people with disabilities.

Category: Consumer Product

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Brix Design is a wholesaler of household products of high quality. Eye-D developed a few tools for their kitchen department that ranged in function from opening jars, cans, fruit peelers.


  • Usability

  • User studies

  • User test

  • DFM Plastic injection molding

Our Involvement

  • Product design



Eye-D approached this challenge with the users in mind and implemented universal design methods right from the ideation process through to the final delivery.



The aim was to develop a range of products that would address the struggles that children and those with weaker hands might encounter with completing everyday kitchen tasks.



The final result is a range of tools manufactured in colourful and bright plastics.The tools are award winners and patented with Eye-D as the inventors.

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