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Atos - Provox "Coming Home" Case

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Client: Atos Medical

Case: A starter kit with products that guide laryngectomy operated patients to assist with their transition from the hospital to home.

"Provox Coming Home has proved to support both vulnerable patients and strained healthcare professionals. The product has been enthusiastically received by our customers."


Ida Oja

Project Management Lead for Atos



Atos Medical is a Swedish world leader for laryngectomy care that offers support from experts for patients pre- or post- op. They have a range of products for patients and experts to speak. Atos approached Eye-D to develop a new product for laryngectomy operated patients specifically for their Provox line. Atos’ Provox products are a global market leader and they are the result of 25 years of continuous product development and innovation.


  • Textile Design 

  • Infographics

  • Prototyping

  • User studies, international focus groups, onsite field work

Our Involvement

  • Product design/development

  • Production involvement and manufacturing collaboration

  • Design thinking methods



The aim of the product was to ease post-op patients back from the hospital and into their regular daily routines comfortably. Eye-D began by creating a detailed user journey map that was able to identify the patients most valued needs in order to deliver a game changing product. The user journey was critical for the development of the Coming Home Case because the process of coming home is a very difficult one for patients. During this time they are likely to experience a high degree of vulnerability and emotional stress, therefore our focus was exclusively user centered.



The starter kit is made up of a variety of products intended to assist with different aspects of daily life such as: Provox Luna for the night and Provox FreeHands during the day. The aim of the Coming Home Case was to ease patients back by eliminating the frustration of using new products, particularly during this vulnerable time, by explaining exactly what each product is for, which ones to use and a guideline showing the patient how to use it.



Our final product for Atos Medical was the Provox Coming Home Case designed to have flexible pockets that incorporate a folding system through careful selection of textiles. The folding pockets unfold in a step-by-step manner that match the stages of coming home. The Provox Coming Home Case became a success as it was well received by the users, and Atos. It has also won the Red Dot Award 2016.

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