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Dam Kærgaard - Surgical Bowl

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Client: Dam Kærgaard

Case: A single use surgical bowl that takes up a minimal amount of space during transportation.




Dam Kærgaard is a Danish provider of disposable hospital equipment. Dam Kærgaard’s works directly with nurses to better understand the needs and practices of their clients. Dam Kærgaard approached Eye-D to develop a single use surgical bowl that would improve the existing bowls most hospitals used. The problem with the existing bowls was that they were made from plastic or metal and took up a lot of storage and transportation space. The metal bowl also required further sterilization.


  • User studies

  • Sustainable material selection 

  • Chemical testing

  • CAD

  • DFM and DFA

  • Prototyping

Our Involvement

  • Full product development

  • Product innovation

  • Manufacturing



Eye-D went through a comprehensive life cycle study of surgical bowls and in particular the way in which they are handled during transportation, sterilization, and storage. The development process focused on the ease of use and included several user testings.



Eye-D had aimed to challenge the status quo by focusing on developing a product with minimal impact on the environment and ease the workflow for the staff. The toxic environment that the bowl contains was dictated through material selection.



The result is an innovative fold-able surgical bowl that only requires one movement to prepare. The redesigned surgical bowls dramatically cut down the space required for both transportation and storage. The disposable solution maintains the hygienic standard required for hospitals and cuts out the need for sterilization. The surgical bowl is an environmentally friendly solution compared with its alternatives.

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