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We Make a Difference

Convatec, product of the year

We Create Successful Products that Last

Our products make a difference. After 25 years, the infusion set continues to improve the lives of many people – including the child above. Sales of the infusion set still increase. It continues to create a turnover of more than 200.000.000 euros per year.

This is How We Did It

Find the Blue Ocean

Market Differentiation - EU/USA

User Focus Creates Value

Eye-D´s disruptive innovation with a focus on user needs and technology created a game change for our client that made them a market leader and led them to the Blue Ocean.

Eye-D´s user studies revealed three revolutionary user advantages. To release the potential of these discoveries Eye-D created the Comfort and Quick Set, the world's first insulin IV sets with soft cannula's and on-site disconnection. This led to better lives for the users.

Our client became the market leader for insulin IV sets with 83% of the global market. IV sets from our client generated EUR 440 million in 2015.


How Eye-D Helps You to Win

Holistic Approach

Our starting point is people - not products. With the user in focus and a holistic approach we create disruptive innovation leading to better lives for the users. We call this Eye-D's holistic service scenario.

Pick the Low Hanging Fruit

KISS. Creative thinking and keeping it simple allows new disruptive companies to pick the low hanging fruits and become market leaders. Conventional thinking leads traditional companies to chase the high cost fruit with costly technology development.

Game Change

Your company can capture the Blue Ocean where competition is limited by focusing on disruptive innovation and differentiated solutions that gives you the lead and a position as market leader.



Innovative Engineering

Our engineers are hand-picked for their skills in innovative problem solving, mechanical development and prototyping. Our designers make products with production in mind, and our engineers create solutions with respect for the product design.

Mechanical Development

Innovative mechanical development is our specialty. We easily plug in with your R&D department and have a solid network of collaborative partners. We engineer your products, systems and services. Our main CAD applications are CREO and SolidWorks.


Eye-D develops and delivers real  innovation. We create looks-like, works-like and make-like prototypes. We are specialists who know how to get things working, and how to design for low cost production. 



Product Design

Eye-D delivers full-service product development covering all aspects of the process, including research and analysis, ideation and development, as well as prototyping and implementation.

Service Design

Users don’t want products - they want a better life. We identify how your business can become unique by offering brand new service solutions to secure better lives for your customers.

Experience Design

Users want to be taken care of with special treatment of their individual needs. Unique treatment and experiences generate extreme loyalty.


How You Profit from Green Eye-D's

Green Differentiation

By conducting a detailed analysis of the existing market, we develop innovative solutions with a clear green differentiation from the rest of the market. By analyzing the products’ life cycle, we ensure that our products retain this position throughout their life cycle.

Green Optimization

The 4 R’s are an integral part of our Green Optimization. As a result, we are specialized in designing products with sustainable materials and always attempting to minimize the amount of components and materials.

Green Certification

Society increasingly demands sustainable behaviour. Eye-D strives to design products that live up to the most stringent and legitimate green requirements and aim to  achieve green certifications on the products we design for our clients.


Our Process is Designed to Help You Succeed


Our team gathers insights about customers, technologies, markets, competitors and more. Our findings are then compressed into strategic directions.


We generate, develop and evaluate a wealth of ideas and synthesize them into a few solid concepts which we then continue to develop, enabling us to finally select the ultimate solution.


We prototype, test, and define the processes needed to implement the ultimate solution in your business.


Our Quality System

Eye-D is ISO:9001 certified

Certified Protection

Eye-D follows a very disciplined step by step development process. We have made this stringent approach the heart of our quality system to secure a diligent and efficient process and a robust result.

Quality by Heart

Eye-D is ISO:9001 certified to enable you to achieve optimum quality in your development process and quality assurance for your finished product.

Continuous Improvement

Eye-D’s services and processes are constantly evaluated for maximum efficiency and accordingly subject to continuous improvement.


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You are always welcome to come in and have a chat about how Eye-D’s processes can strengthen your company with innovative products and services that can make your company a market leader.

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