Mini-Med Medtronic - QuickSet

User demand analysis of existing customers leads to more products. New products generate new customers. More products together with new customers results in increased turnover.

Eye-D helped Medtronic turbocharge their turnover by designing the Vertical IV-set with inserter for the US market. It has created an annual turnover of more than EUR 200 million annually and it is still one of the most popular IV-sets on the market today.

Mini-Med Medtronic Quick Set is a user-friendly disposable insulin infusion set. The set consists of a a simple disconnection system and a 90-degree soft cannula, providing a virtually painless insertion.

The Quick Set is designed for everybody and every lifestyle. It contains an insertion needle, which not only makes the insertion comfortable for the user, but also controls the depth every time for optimal insulin absorption.

The Quick Set was designed for a new market. The customer-friendly design and the new market strategy made the dispenser the most popular Medtronic infusion set.

The Quick Set was designed for Medtronic - the world's biggest medico company, established in 1949. Today they deliver products to more than 140 countries and have treated more than 9 million people. Medtronic's mission is to deliver quality and trustworthy engineering.

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