BOWA - Entering the disposables market

With BOWA's new ERGO 310-D ligator, the company entered the market for disposable instruments. As a result of a long and close relationship with Eye-D Innovation, BOWA was able to achieve:

New market entry: The new, single-use disposable ligator enabled BOWA to enter the market for disposable, minimally invasive surgical devices - a field of rapid growth, due to the advantages for the patients.

Reduced time-to-market: A combination of lean and agile methods, quality-assured systematic processes and quick iterations of design, testing and review has kept the development time at a minimum.

Reduced product cost: Creatively applying manufacturing and assembly processes that are less costly from the earliest sketches is a key trademark for us. Relentlessly searching for the simplest solution lies in our DNA.

Human-centered design: User studies enabled us to create ergonomic and easy-to-use features for the surgeons. By doing user tests from the earliest prototypes to the final product we have been able to tweak the product to be just right.

Collaboration: A close relationship with BOWA enabled quick proof of concept and built capabilities at BOWA in disposable devices. The The teamwork ensures that everyone works together to reach one goal.

The Design Journey

We Immerse > Imagine > Implement.

From a basic brief we studied the product, technology, production, user and market to create the right product positioning and specification.

Based on a deep understanding of the target functionality and the product from a generic point of view, we were able to creatively define a new product architecture. By combining metal, ceramic and plastic parts in innovative ways, we have been able to obtain high performance at low cost.

After deciding among three concepts for further development, the detailed design of the ligator was done including CAD and CAE, design for manufacturing and assembly, material selection and all parts were optimized for production.

Prototypes were created of all parts - at first using rapid prototyping techniques for making working prototypes that could be used for clinical trials, and then final parts using production scale tooling. In order to make production run smoothly in Poznan, Poland we supported the production planning and implementation of the final product.



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