Provox Coming Home Case

The Swedish company Atos Medical asked Eye-D to create a starter kit with products for laryngectomy operated patients. By creating a detailed user journey map, Eye-D could understand the most important needs from a user perspective and based on that understanding create a game changing product.

Provox Coming Home Case includes the support and guidance on wich products to use and when. This is of great importance for newly operated patients. The case, made of durable fabric, is carried like a bag and allows easy storage of products. At home the case is unfolded and hung on the wall for easy overview and access. Simple icons give an overview of which products to use in any given situation.

The innovative and flexible pocket and folding system introduces the products and information in a step-by-step manner. Most importantly, the Coming Home Case creates a smooth transition from hospital to home, building a sense of security and confidence for patients and caregivers.

The Provox Coming Home Case became a success. It was very well received by the users and Eye-D's game changing design won a Red Dot Award 2016.

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