Making it possible

Innovative mechanical development and prototyping is our specialty. We plug in easily with your R&D department and have a solid network of collaborative partners.

Our engineers are hand-picked for their skills in innovative problem solving, mechanical development and prototyping. They are specialists who know how to get things working. And most important of all: how to design for production at the lowest possible cost price.

Product development is often regarded as a battle between designers and engineers. Not so at Eye-D. Our core principle is teamwork and integrated product development. Our designers make products with production in mind, and our engineers create solutions with respect for the product design.

Our main CAD applications are CREO and SolidWorks, and most of our engineers use the programs at super user level, but we also have skilled users mastering Inventor. This enables us to plug in easily with our customers' own R&D-departments and to exchange data and cooperate with subcontractors all over the world.

eye-d Innovation
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