Game changing innovation

For more than 30 years we have worked with innovation, design and engineering consulting, and we have more than 180 patents to show for it. We are rooted in engineering, but home to an interdisciplinary team of innovative and passionate people.

In every project we strive to understand your needs and create the simplest and best solutions to be implemented in your business. We work with your experts throughout our systematic processes to ensure perfect alignment, so the impact of our solutions reaches your bottom line. Together we immerse, imagine and implement.

Eye-D has four main capabilities:

ArrowYellow_30x30.PNG Product Design: Show us a marketing brief, problem or user need and we will quickly work to understand the problem and generate, develop and select the right solutions, in cooperation with your experts
ArrowOrange_30x30.PNG Service Design: Let's work together to adapt to a service-based economy. We identify how your business can become unique by offering brand new service solutions to your customers
ArrowPink_30x30.png Experience Design: We develop products and services with a focus on creating extraordinary user experiences. By mapping your users' experiences we can transform their needs to great new experiences and create success
ArrowCyan_30x30.png Engineering & Prototyping: Eye-D makes innovation that becomes real. We engineer your products, systems or services to specification and create looks-like, works-like and make-like prototypes of them

eye-d Innovation
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