Eye-D has a professional board whose members are strong profiles with comprehensive management and business development experience.

Michael Knop
Board Member
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Michael Knop is an attorney and advises small and medium enterprises. He places particular emphasis on counseling entrepreneurs, contract preparation, companies, IT law, commercial law, intellectual property rights and the entertainment industry. His primary areas of work are: IT law, Contracts, commercial law, EU law, Company management, Company setups, Company takeovers, litigation, Product and corporate protection, IPR protection, Customer and non competition clauses, Marketing law, Web domain law, Traffic liability, Debt collection, Commercial rental, Agency and distributorship agreements, and Real estate.
Ole Strange
Board Member
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Ole Strange has more than 25 years of international management experience with the medical device industry in the fields of product management, sales and marketing, and senior management. His experience is based on capital goods and disposable products in Europe, USA and Asia. Through his work in knowledge based organisations, Ole Strange has accumulated a wealth of experience and competence in innovation processes and the establishment of new enterprises or business areas – as well as in the development of sales and marketing strategies and organisations in Europe, USA and Asia.
Claude Teisen-Simony
Board Member
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Claude has more than 30 years' experience as an independent product developer and designer. Over the years he has invented and designed many successful products and is party to more than 70 patents. Claude is a qualified industrial designer and economist.

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