Game change = Success

We are first to translate changing needs into game changing offerings for our clients. We know that a holistic approach where product, service and experience design are combined can create augmented life experience which lead to a game change.

Let´s create game changing innovation together.

We help our clients win

Do you want to be one of the winners? In 1983-2013 only 36 companies of 388 in total was able to remain in the S&P500 stock index and had a revenue growth outpacing GDP growth.




Game change creation

Eye-D´s disruptive innovation with a focus on user needs and technology created a game change, making our client a market leader, in this example.





A market revolution

Eye-D´s user studies revealed three revolutionary user advantages.

To release the potential Eye-D created Comfort and Quick Set, the world's first insulin IV sets with soft cannula and at-site disconnection. This gave the users an augmented life experience.





Result of game change

Our client became the market leader for insulin IV sets with 83% of the global market.

IV sets from our client generated EUR 440 million in 2015.





Take the lead and win

Your company can achieve the position as market leader and move to the top right chart position with disruptive innovation and differentiated solutions leading to augmented life experiences.







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