Eye-D Future Foresight creates holistic

user insights

Discover your user's wishes, dreams and visions in order to sharpen your company's strategy and create disruptive innovation.

Understanding your users is the essential first step to create user-centered design and great user experiences. With the Eye-D Future Foresight we can provide you with valuable insights about your users and their needs.


Holistic Future Foresight

Look into the future with Eye-D´s Holistic Foresight. A combination of User Foresight, Market Foresight, Future Camp and Technology Foresight allows us to deliver holistic and disruptive solutions to your company.


User Foresight

The User Foresight is an online tool that makes it possible to reach a large group of users worldwide through social media. It enables us to quickly gather data and feedback on a specific topic and create an overview of demographical, geographical and social aspects.




The User Foresight tool enables your company to:

ArrowGreen_30x30.PNG Identify user-behaviour
ArrowGreen_30x30.PNG Explore user-needs
ArrowGreen_30x30.PNG Reveal user-motivation
ArrowGreen_30x30.PNG Get user-feedback


Gain a deeper understanding of your company´s users with a full User Foresight. Additional steps such as focus groups, interviews and observations & fieldwork will create a complete forecast.


Market Foresight

Stay ahead of the competition with Eye-D Market Foresight. We identify and analyze future market drivers, trends, customer needs and competitors. Our ambitious team turn these insights into actionable opportunities that can differentiate your business and strengthen your market position.


Future Camp

The Future Camp is designed to make your company think outside the box and expand your horizon to totally new ways of thinking. We look at your challenges from new perspectives and facilitate the co-creation of innovative solutions, based on your companys' future circumstances. The outcome of the workshop is documented with a Documentation Log and/or an Innovation Guidebook.


Technology Foresight

What will emerging technologies bring into the future and how can your company gain competitive advantages from the new technologies? With Technology Foresight, we map and analyze future technologies and transform opportunities into game changing innovations for your company.





Future Foresight is performed in collaboration with our partner, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, www.iff.dk





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