Certified to perfect your innovations

To enable you to achieve optimum quality in your development process and a shortcut to quality assurance and documentation for your finished product, Eye-D is ISO:9001 certified.

The Eye-D ISO:9001 quality system aims to ensure:

ArrowGreen_30x30.PNG That customers and other target groups find our quotations, process management, agreements, honoring of agreements including copyright, communication, marketing, control of the finished product and other contacts with our company to be at a professional level
ArrowGreen_30x30.PNG That Eye-D satisfies the relevant statutory requirements and other standards that may apply to the task at hand
ArrowGreen_30x30.PNG That Eye-D's services are implemented with maximum efficiency
ArrowGreen_30x30.PNG That Eye-D's management and employees work at all times towards achieving the highest degree of satisfaction from our clients and other target groups interacting with our company
ArrowGreen_30x30.PNG That Eye-D's processes are subject to continuous improvement
ArrowGreen_30x30.PNG That the work of Eye-D is credible and trustworthy in a manner which contributes positively to preserve and improve the reputation of the industry
ArrowGreen_30x30.PNG That Eye-D invariably demonstrates to its clients and other target groups that it has the ability to realize its policies and goals in relation to quality

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